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I am a one person team trying to do what I can to support Unknown, Unsigned and Indie Music in all genres and I'm looking for 10 passionate people to help me bring 440Music in to the 21st century and develop an APP for the 10 radio stations.

Since March 1999 I've managed to keep up with technology although in April 2007 I got behind the wheel of a big rig and drove cross country till March 2106 when I was forced out of the driver seat with cancer. My doctors are in agreement that they don't see any signs of the cancer I'm not able to return to work. Needless to say my skills are ancient history and if I'm going to continue to help you and the other musicians I need help.

You need to be passionate about music and have web skills including MySQL/Maria, PHP and/or APP developer.

Creative thinkers, music lovers and understanding of radio advertising recording and sales. All members of the team will be asked to do a 30 second voice over skit that has been written to promote 440Music.

Indie Music Lover who has a desire to be on a live radio station. We do not podcast all shows will be live although I reserve the right to record every show for my history and I hope you also keep a copy for your personal records.

Contact jobs @ 440music.com or Call or Text me at 773-491-9937